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Spiritual Life

Connection, Education & Enrichment

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Children & Youth 

Immerse yourself in worship through prayer with quieted hearts and open minds to celebrate Easter through story, art, and song at Brookside.



High school students can participate in interactive  confirmation classes and enjoy a retreat while building relationships among themselves and with God.


Bible Study

Continue your faith journey with  Rev. Laura during Advent and Lent on the Zoom platform





Music is a priority and is at the forefront of our worship. Our focus is on providing a top-quality, soul-centered experience, and we know music plays an integral part in that.


Baptism & Communion

The sacraments of Baptism and Communion are celebrated at Brookside.  Communion is usually offered on the first Sunday of the month.



Fellowship at Brookside UCC is a welcoming space to build spiritually nurturing connections that actively encourage fellowship within and beyond our four walls.


Brookside offers free spiritual art classes with Amber Nicole Cannan of Unchartered Tutoring, LLC on Sundays as a part of its childhood and youth Christian Education Program.

Children ages 3 through high school are welcome to join the free spiritual art classes on Sundays and there is no registration required. Church begins at 10 a.m. and the art class meets following the children’s story, when the kids will be dismissed to the large fellowship hall below the sanctuary. Children will be spread out in the large hall and masks are required. 

Unchartered Tutoring provides after-school and in-school enrichment combining art and science since 2017. They also assist in summer camp programs and provide individual tutoring. Sometimes, they provide the occasional small event workshop and corporate team-building exercise. All of their offerings educate using art. Uncharted Tutoring is not a paint bar nor do they wish everyone to produce the same artwork or learn the same things from a given lesson. Everyone has different educational objectives, hence the journey is unchARTered!

Unchartered follows science and data, believes in the power of art, pays people a sustainable wage and embraces diversity. Unchartered Tutoring, LLC is a US government-certified economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business and a company filled with people who ache to help their students.

Nursery Care

For Children 3 and under, we offer child care from 9:45 am until the end of the service. Two experienced staff are in the playroom at all times and engage the children in age-appropriate creative play and crafts. Children can be dropped off prior to worship, or at any time during the service.


All youth in grades 5-12 are invited to be part of the Brookside Youth Group. We meet throughout the year for activities such as assembling veteran hero boxes, a Halloween Bible scavenger hunt, supporting the holiday lights display, and a pizza and bowling night. 

Children & Youth
Bible Study

Weekly Bible Studies are offered by the minister over a ZOOM platform during Advent and Lent. We meet for one hour to discuss a passage from either Hebrew Scripture or the Gospels. The classes are intergenerational and affirming of all people.


Anyone can join at any time by contacting the church office and sharing an email address. Each session includes reading a Bible passage, exploring its historical context, considering its relationship to our lives, and choosing an invitation for a weekly spiritual journey. Classes are spiritually alive, inclusive, and everyone belongs no matter where they live or what they believe.

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If you are interested in participating in a confirmation class, please be in touch with Reverend Laura. Traditionally, the class is an exploration of the Trinitarian aspects of God, (Creator, Healer, and Spirit), with a discussion about the responsibilities of being an active participant in the life of the United Church of Christ. Classes are Open and Affirming of all physical and learning abilities. 

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