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Meet Us!

Our Story.  Who We Are and What We Do.  

You Belong with Us 

Brookside is an open and affirming, spiritually alive church congregation embracing diversity among all people. We believe that God loves and forgives all that has already happened in our lives as we are led to follow the Light of Christ. We welcome everyone regardless of their life experience, status, or spiritual journey. Everyone belongs and is invited to join us. 

Our Mission Statement 

The purpose of Brookside Congregational church, UCC is to proclaim our faith in God, living as disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, outreach, and compassionate care toward all. 

Why Brookside? 

We offer a place where we grow deeper in faith together, where we find healing, joy, and celebration, and where we have opportunities to nurture compassion — through educational outreach and interaction.  Brookside is a church, a community, and a family.


Meet the Staff

Meet the caring staff who — in addition to all the volunteers — help us complete our mission.


What to Expect

We have something for everyone! Here are some of the ways to get connected.



Service to others, personal enrichment, and spiritual growth.

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Fireside Chats

Conversations with Brookside members about their experiences.

Community Service, Outreach, and Partnerships 

We are passionate about serving our local community. Our outreach activities include collections of food and personal care products for families, serving meals at the New Horizons Soup Kitchen, and participating in interdenominational initiatives that address food insecurity within our community. Our Thrift Shop offers gently used housewares and clothing for sale in partnership with organizations such as Families in Transition. We also offer our building and grounds for meeting and event space to support non-profit organizations that work with individuals in transition and those in recovery from addiction and grief. 

Learn more here.

Sunday School Programs for Children and Youth of All Ages 

We have an active church school program for children and youth of all ages. Every Sunday, children are invited to attend a workshop on the selected theme. They engage with Bible stories and teachings while participating in theme-based activities such as cooking, games, music, science, and storytelling.  Learn more here.

Outdoor Venue Space 

Located on an early 20th-century estate donated by Mary Carpenter Manning, our 10-acre property with forest and babbling brook is a quintessential venue for outdoor worship services, fellowship gatherings, and wedding ceremonies. The community garden and a butterfly garden created by Compassionate Friends are examples of how the outdoors is used to support our mission locally. The circa 1908 Manning House is used for small gatherings and houses Pastoral Counseling Services, and independent non-profit organization. The smaller chapel, relocated from its former location on Franklin Street, is used by a Romanian and a Haitian congregation for their worship services.   

Learn more about our facilities and rental options here.

International Church Fellowship 

We have a long-standing partnership with the Sakubve Church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. We write letters, participate in regularly scheduled phone calls, and send supplies to our sister church.  Learn more about our wider mission here.

Music Ministry 

We are passionate about music whether sung or played with bells, pipe organ, piano, guitar, or drum.  Our steeple bells can be heard ringing throughout the neighborhood as Brookside’s carillon is played before church services including Sunday worship, church programs and gatherings including wedding ceremonies. Our worship services are engaging and spiritual.  See more here.

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